Dave and Keiko met while studying ceramics in Japan in the mid-70's. Even small houses there boast exquisite tiny gardens, and ikebana is a traditional part of everyday culture. The local flower teacher would spot the smoke of the wood fired kiln where David worked and be on hand the next day to choose among the flower containers made by David's pottery teachers. During his studies David spent many months throwing traditional Japanese pottery as part of a classical apprenticeship program.

Keiko and David returned to the U.S. and founded Catalpa Lane Pottery in 1981. Soon a local arranger / teacher asked them to try making some containers for her. Since then, they have worked for Bob Thomas and numerous flower show judges and arrangers. They exhibit their work across the country, producing both traditional flat tray containers and multi-hole creative sculptural pieces.

Their inspiration comes from nature of course; spring wildflowers, Carribean coral and desert rock formations, but also from museum visits, travels, vegetables and pure, distilled forms.

They believe that any good arrangement needs a good base— stable, quiet containers with openings and textures that invite a variety of artistic expressions.